Ambassador Program

IRBWMD Brand Ambassador/Chapter Representative

Interested in representing IRBWMD in your city or town? Want to meet more dog friendly and like minded people? Passionate about rescue? Read below!

What’s involved?

*You will be given the official title as the “Brand Rep/Chapter Representative” for your town! It will be your job to rep IRBWMD in your town and make sure EVERY dog owner knows about us! (Or at least most)

*Spreading awareness through events such as dog walks, dog park meet ups, yappy hours, educational events, rescue partnerships, booths at events and fairs, and more.

*You will make commission on sales via your custom coupon code, get free products, earn points and rewards, organize events, and of course help animal rescue all at the same time!

*Your responsibilities will be as follows –

*Organize 1 IRBWMD event a month – these can be dog park meet ups, walks for rescues, yoga for dogs, we are open to ALL IDEAS and look forward to hearing some good ones! You will have to take pictures, post the content on your own social media and advertise the events yourself. All events will be created on our website where you can advertise and get sign ups.

*To get a minimum of 8 sales a month using your custom coupon code (you will be given business cards and promotional material to help increase sales and awareness). *You have the option to make commissions on your sales, or take the commission and donate to a rescue of your choice.

*Get involved with the local rescues, establish an IRBWMD presence in that town with your local rescues, attend adoption events, etc.

*To get a minimum of 8 “IRBWMD World” members a month on

*To grow an IRBWMD community in your town by adding more members, increase attendance at events, and more.

In order to get started….

*In addition to filling the form below, you have the potential to get decked out with a lot of free swag, however we can’t just give it out to anyone, so in order to meet the “criteria” of an IRBWMD Brand Rep, we have the following test;

*Get 5 people (including yourself) to use your custom coupon code on our website. This will show us that you are a truly dedicated IRBWMD supporter, and really passionate about helping spread the brand. We will notify you as soon as your 5 codes have been used, and as long as your application is approved, you will officially be given the title as an “IRBWMD Brand Rep”

*Fill out the “IRBWMD Ambassador/Chapter Rep” form below





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