Checkout Questions / Cart Trouble

*You can email us at with ANY questions, and we usually respond immediately!

Every time I try and place my order using my credit card, I get an error message and it won’t go through. Why is this happening?

This happens sometimes if you’re putting in the wrong billing information, especially if the shipping address is different from the billing address. It’s a simple mistake, but double check that when you are putting in your billing address/information, it matches exactly what your bank has on file and you’re not putting your shipping information by mistake. *This happens often if the item is shipping to a different address than where the billing is located.

When I try to checkout using PayPal, it freezes up on me and won’t go through?

This can often happen if your connection to the internet is not that strong, or if your billing information is not updated via your PayPal account. Any questions you can email Doug at

I don’t see where the coupon code section is, please help.

The coupons are put in the cart BEFORE the checkout!

I already have an account with IRBWMD, and I’m trying to check out but the order won’t go through.

Try using a different email address!

Any other questions, please contact Annie right away at

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