Atlanta Meet Up

Atlanta Meet Up


It’s a photo shoot! As you clearly know from our Instagram, we pretty much only post pictures of our customers wearing their IRBWMD gear! So we want to take this opportunity to invite all of our Atlanta peeps to come out with their dogs for a photo shoot.

It’s nothing fancy (unless you want it to be!) – just show up wearing your IRBWMD gear, with your dog, and we’ll take the pics and do the rest!

You’ll also have the chance to meet other dogs and their humans!


Saturday, 7/22 between 2-5 pm est!


At the edge of the belt line, close to Piedmont park right before Monroe st. There are a series of buildings that have a very cool colored back ground to them, which make a perfect scenery for a photo shoot. We will be there!

What do I get?

You’ll get a doggy gift bundle – bag of treats, poop bag, tennis balls, and stickers! We’ll also provide water, ice, and treats of course for your pup!

AND a surprise IRBWMD gift for yourself!

What you need?

SHOW UP WITH YOUR IRBWMD GEAR! As much as we’d love to just take pics of you and your pupper, it is an IRBWMD photo shoot after all. So you need to be wearing your gear!

Okay, now what?

Email SYDNEY@IDRATHERBEWITHMYDOG.NET – schedule a rough time of when you’ll show up!

Bring a friend and….

Get a 20% off gift card to use on our site just for bringing a friend who doesn’t know about IRBWMD!

PS –

If you don’t own any gear, you can order asap of course, but we advise choosing expedited shipping so the items get to you asap! Or you can email and we can bring your item to the photo shoot when we meet up!


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