*Note – my friends from pre school (yes pre school) came up with this incredible new app for dog owners. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think you should read on and definitely download it for your phone! ENJOY!

Doug: Introduce yourself, and have you always been a dog lover?

Fetch My Pet: Hi IRBWMD! We’re Greg, Adam and Steve – We’ve all grown up with dogs as members of our families and currently each have a pup of our own. Greg has a Black Lab Pit Mix rescue named Shelby. Adam has 2 year old Havanese named Kona. She’s currently doing an internship as our Marketing Analyst. And Steve has a Cockapoo named Lulu who is in charge of Customer Service. Sadly, Adam’s childhood Maltese, Benji unfortunately just passed away at 19 years old this past week. Greg grew up in a house with more dogs than children – a whopping 6 dogs and 4 kids. We’ve all shared the mentality that our dogs are members of the family and could not imagine a life without dogs.

D: What inspired you to create “Fetch My Pet?”

FMP: We felt there needed to be a better way to connect pet parents with their dogs. We looked at different areas of the pet space and realized how fragmented it was (and to some degree still is). As a pet parent you typically have to search all over the place for products, services, tips, tricks etc. When you add in that 42% of owner contact information stored on microchips is incorrect, these problems presented a tremendous opportunity for us. Beyond connecting you with your pet, we set out to provide differentiated experiences combining beautiful design with meaningful products, services and useful tools to manage all aspects of your pet’s life.

D: Do you think technology has kept up with the “dog world?” / Are you seeing available resources for dog owners to take advantage of?

FMP: We feel that the pet space has been sleeping when it comes to technology. The pet industry is ripe for disruption and we hope to shake things up by offering new innovative ways for people to connect with their pets! A handful of startups are beginning to emerge in this space. We anticipate many more as the space evolves and others see the positive impact technology is having.

D: How do you see “Fetch My Pet” helping dog owners throughout the world?

FMP: Fetch My Pet allows pet parents to manage all aspects of their dog’s lives. From medication reminders and reporting them missing (heaven forbid), to learning about great brands like I’d Rather Be With My Dog! We are currently live in America only, but have plans to expand to Canada in the near future. With some of our partners already having a global presence, we one day hope to be the hub for pet life management.

D: Why would you rather be with your dog?

FMP: Dogs have always been a man’s best friend. Who doesn’t want to spend all day with their best friend? It is never a dull moment when having fun with your dog!

D: Where can people find out about the app/product?

FMP: Check us out on and download the FREE app here:

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