Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Friday is “Bring Your Dog To Work Day” and we got somethin’ special planned for ya…if you can handle it!

*Bring your dog to work on Friday (duh!)

*If you can, wear your IRBWMD to work (or have an item like a mug, etc. available for the pic)

*Take a pic of you and your pupper, with your IRBWMD gear –

*Post the pic on IG or Facebook, and tag us at @idratherbewithmydog –

*We’ll send you a 25% off (yes, 25% off) coupon code for the pic!

*You can also send the pics to SYDNEY@IDRATHERBEWITHMYDOG.NET if you have multiple ones to choose from!

*Good luck! Hopefully your boss is a dog person

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