California Wild Fires

California Wild Fires

It’s hard to believe that we’re going through this again….

Canine cancer is as important of a cause as any (and so dear to me) but we can’t just sit aside and do nothing. We have customers and long time fans who’s homes have been ruined, destroyed, and more.

We’ve also found out that dogs that were displaced from Hurricane Harvey (and Irma) were sent to Northern California rescues, JUST to be displaced again from the wild fires.

It’s these rescues that we’ll be supporting, sending suggested supplies and relief bundles, as well as money. In fact, we start sending supplies TODAY (10/23).

IRBWMD mantra is helping dogs in need, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

Thank you for the support and for continuing to be a part of our community!

Doug, Oggy, and Trudy

PS – read this story about Luna, it’s pretty amazing!

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