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Heavy Duty Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed W/Pillow

$269.99 - $359.99

*10 YEAR WON'T FLATTEN WARRANTY! We PROMISE the foam will not flatten or lose quality!
*For larger dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with joint/muscle issues. 100% solid orthopedic memory foam that offers EXTRA support for your dogs joints and muscles. The solid foam will not only hold up against your dog's weight and size, but it is incredibly comfortable and will help strengthen their muscles while they relax.
*INCLUDES - machine washable microvelvet cover with nylon lining AND water resistant liner. Also a hidden zipper tab compartment!
 *The removable pillow is ALSO made of crushed memory foam, which helps strengthen and provide support for your dog's neck.
*100% made in USA in Atlanta, GA / Our special IRBWMD logo is embroidered on the side panel as well!  *See photo gallery for sizing info!