FAQ Treats

What is the Paleo diet and what are Paleo treats?
Paleo, or the caveman diet, is an all natural, grain/gluten/soy/dairy free diet that contains only high quality protein, zero artificial additives or preservatives, low glycemic carbohydrates, and high quality coconut oil.

What are the calorie counts of your treats?
All the bites and loves are 8.5 calories, trios are 25 calories, and the trainers are 3 calories.

Why do you have beet molasses and dextrose in your treats? I thought added sugar was a “no no” on the Paleo diet.
We add those ingredients as a mold inhibitor, NOT for palatability. Also, our dextrose comes from potatoes, and our molasses is from beets, both acceptable forms of sugar which are not synthetic.

Where are your treats made and where are they sourced?
Everything is 100% made and sourced in the US, except for our lamb and venison which is grass fed from New Zealand.

What does “semi moist” mean?
Easy to break apart, they don’t crumble and won’t leave a mess if you stick them in your pockets or leave some in your car!

Is your fish wild?
Yes, all of our fish is wild caught!

What are trios, bites, trainers, and loves?
*Trios are a three protein sourced treat, in the shape of a stick.
*Bites are square treats.
*Trainers are small, compact sized treats perfect for training your dog.
*Loves are square treats formulated to help your dog with an ailment they might have; skin and coat, joint, and stomach problems.

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