Hurricane Dog Relief

Hurricane Dog Relief

In total, we’ve sent (and will be sending) over $4,000 worth of supplies to various rescues involved with the hurricane. We’ve also raised over $2,000 (separate from the supplies!)

On Tuesday, my team and a few volunteers went to the Atlanta Humane Society to deliver supplies. The AHS took in dozens upon dozens of animals that were displaced from the hurricane. At first, I wanted to drive to Texas to help out, but when we saw that Atlanta was taking in dogs (and cats) I knew this was the best way we could help.

I got to meet Ally and Rick, just two of the hurricane dogs that were displaced. And an adorable little puppy named Daisy. There were also many cats, including kittens that the humane society took in. I can’t say that it’s an easy time right now, but it is uplifting knowing that there are organizations coming to immediate action to help.

We’re also going to have a small team of IRBWMD peeps driving to Austin next week to deliver supplies and help out.

10% of all of our sales are being donated for the month of September, so it’s an amazing time to support IRBWMD!

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