Rescue Spot Light: HAPPE

Rescue Spot Light: HAPPE

Sydney: Introduce yourself, the rescue, and how you got started with this?

Kathy: My name is Kathy and I am a volunteer for a small rescue group called HAPPE.  HAPPE stands for Homeless Animal Placement Protection and Education. We are a small rescue group made up of nurses and teachers. I got started with this group when I fostered a dog for them back in 2014. In a short time, I realized they needed help more than just a foster home. I offered to help them in any way I could. I started out managing the Facebook page for the rescue. Over the next few months I became more involved and became a board member in charge of communications. I wear many hats depending on the need at the time. I do feel like I have finally found my niche. I am very passionate about dogs, and through HAPPE I can make a difference.

S: What makes your rescue unique?

K: HAPPE is a foster based rescue group. All of our dogs live in foster homes, not a facility like a kennel. This means we do not adopt out as many dogs as other rescues, but we are not about the numbers. We feel it is more important to take the time to place a dog in the right home to prevent them from ending up back in rescue or worse the shelter.  Our rescue is unique because of the people involved. We each bring a special talent to the group and together we make it work.

S: What’s the biggest problem you see these days with animal rescue?

K: One of the biggest challenges our rescue faces it the ability to find people willing to foster dogs. Fostering is a very rewarding but it isn’t always easy. Most people think they would not be able to give them up once they bring them home. Our motto is: I would rather cry when they leave my home going to their forever home, than to know they died alone in the shelter.

S: Where can people find more information about dogs that need adoption or homes?

K: People can view our available dogs at or they can find our dogs on

Sweet Rosie was found wandering alone in the woods behind someone’s home.  She is a small hound mix who is about two years old.  Rosie will need a home with a privacy fence as she is a fence jumper and will likely climb other types of fencing.  Great for families with kids 8 and up – does well with other dogs, too.  In her picture, she’s relaxing with her foster brother Leroy Brown

Meet Ava.  Before she was rescued, Ava was in danger of losing her life simply because she would not hunt.  Now that she’s a HAPPE dog, however, we’re going to do everything we can to find her the perfect forever home.  At about a year old and 17 pounds, Ava is a small girl who is colored like a black lab but resembles a beagle. She is crate trained and so close to being house-trained. Ava would probably do better in a home rather than an apartment as she’s got enough beagle in her to make her vocal at times. She would do best with a family with kids 8+. Ava would do well in a fenced yard because she loves to play and run.

Abby came to us as a stray.  A good Samaritan found her and took her one of our partner vets, who offered to cover her spay and vaccinations if HAPPE could take her in and find her a wonderful forever home. Naturally, we said YES!   Abby is a spunky 2 yr old puggle with the most fabulous underbite in the world.  She is about 25 lbs. and it great shape.  She’s sweet, lovable and housetrained – does great with other dogs.  We’d prefer an experienced dog owner for Abby as she has a beagles stubborn streak and needs to learn inside manners.



























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