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VT Emergency Supplies (100% PROFIT DONATED)

$29.99 - $179.99

*Catastrophic flooding and storms have decimated the state of Vermont. To make matters worse, hundreds of animals (dogs, cats, etc) have been evacuated out of harms way. The rescues that took them in are filled to the brim and it need of supplies to get them through this. *Supplies sent to MSPCA Angell, St. Huberts, Central Vermont Disaster, and more. 
*Why blankets? Great question! The poor rescue dogs deserve to snuggle, sleep, and relax in the BEST and COMFIEST conditions possible. By providing them with our insanely soft blankets, they get the best of the best. *Why treats, towels and toys? The resources of these rescues get drained, and things like treats, toys, etc are essential.