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When should I expect to receive my order in the U.S.?

FREE US SHIPPING – orders LEAVE THE FACILITY in 5-7 business days and arrive to the destination 3-5 days after that

EXPEDITED SHIPPING – orders LEAVE THE FACILITY in business 1-2 days and arrive  2-3 days after that

EXPRESS SHIPPING – orders LEAVE THE FACILITY in 1 day and arrive 1-2 days after that (we generally try and guarantee overnight delivery, however we can not always guarantee based on time zones, where you are in the country, etc. Please contact support@idratherbewithmydog.net for help and we will absolutely do our very very best to help you out!)

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – all items LEAVE THE FACILITY in 3-5 days and arrive anywhere between 2-3 weeks (orders to Australia, Africa, or Russia can take upwards of 3 weeks or more)

What is your return and exchange policy?

*We’re bummed things didn’t work out for you, but here’s the good news: we accept returns within thirty (30) days of purchase (AKA the date listed on your receipt) for most items in new condition.

*Here’s the fine print. You just CAN’T RETURN anything that’s worn, damaged, washed, or altered in any way (or dog pee!).


*You CAN NOT return an item that was purchased on clearance or final mark down or sale.

*You CAN NOT return an item that was purchased after the 30 day window.

*All exchanges/returns sent back to us must come with a tracking number.

*Email community@idratherbewithmydog.net if you qualify for an exchange or return!

*FUNDRAISING ITEMS - we only accept exchanges on fundraising items, no returns or refunds.

How can I get a tracking number?

Email support@idratherbewithmydog.net to request a tracking number.

PLEASE NOTE: Some tracking numbers might take 24-48 hours to update and display properly in the USPS system!

Do you have expedited shipping?

Yes, for $10, you can choose “expedited shipping” at the cart or checkout. If you choose to have your order expedited that will guarantee that it will be shipped from our facility within 2 days of us receiving your order. We will ship it priority; estimated 2-3 business day delivery time. You will also be sent a tracking number. Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee expedited orders for anything on back order or pre order.

I ordered a pre – order/back – ordered item but have not received it yet?

We strive to have all pre and back ordered items completed by the date that is marked on the product page! If it is beyond the date marked on the product page, please contact community@idratherbewithmydog.net to get an immediate update!

I haven’t received my order yet, what do I do?

If you ordered a breed specific or a back ordered item, please email support@idratherbewithmydog.net to get an estimated ship date.

I forgot to include information about my shipping address and my order has already shipped. Help! What do I do?

We understand that these things happen! The post office will return items back to our warehouse that are missing shipping info, and when we receive them, we will notify you that they are ready to ship out again. However, due to the additional shipping costs, you, the customer will be responsible for paying for said cost. Contact support@idratherbewithmydog.net and we will gladly work with you on getting the issue resolved.

Where do I put my coupon code in?

In the cart BEFORE the checkout!

What happens if my item says “delivered” but I can not find it?

This happens sometimes, and we’ll do everything we can to help you figure it out. However, if we have shipped your item to the exact address you gave us and the item was delivered but you can not find it, we are not responsible for locating it. Here are a couple options

*Check with your neighbors

*Check with your local post office

*Check with your apartment complex/security etc, maybe they have the item and did not notify you.


Are your t-shirts and tank tops silk screened?

Yes, all of our images are silk screened into the fabric, and all of our ink is non-phthalate.

How does the clothing fit?

All of our hoodies, tanks, and unisex t’s are true to size. But anything marked a “ladies” cut fits on the smaller side. Be sure to check out all the sizing charts under each product or our fit guide on our menu.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are silk screened and pressed in Atlanta, GA!

Do you carry larger sizes?

Of course we do! Most of our t-shirts run up to XXXL and same with the tank tops! Our unisex v necks go up to XXXXL.

What are your fabrics like?

All of our clothing is extremely soft and far from generic cotton t’s/tanks/hoodies. They’re all made with high quality cotton, tri blends, and our hoodies are all fleece lined making them softer than most hoodies!

What shelters/rescues do you donate to?

Read all about it HERE

How much do you donate to shelters/rescues?

100% of rescue bundles/supplies are donated. 10-20% of clothing sales are donated. We work with dozens of different rescues all over the country, and volunteer as well for rescue missions.


What is the Paleo diet and what are Paleo treats?

Paleo, or the caveman diet, is an all natural, grain/gluten/soy/dairy free diet that contains only high quality protein, zero artificial additives or preservatives, low glycemic carbohydrates, and high quality coconut oil.

What are the calorie counts of your treats?

All the bites and loves are 8.5 calories, trios are 25 calories, and the trainers are 3 calories.

Why do you have beet molasses and dextrose in your treats? I thought added sugar was a “no no” on the Paleo diet.

We add those ingredients as a mold inhibitor, NOT for palatability. Also, our dextrose comes from potatoes, and our molasses is from beets, both acceptable forms of sugar which are not synthetic.

Where are your treats made and where are they sourced?

Everything is 100% made and sourced in the US, except for our lamb and venison which is grass fed from New Zealand.

What does “semi moist” mean?

Easy to break apart, they don’t crumble and won’t leave a mess if you stick them in your pockets or leave some in your car!

Is your fish wild?

Yes, all of our fish is wild caught!

What are trios, bites, trainers, and loves?

*Trios are a three protein sourced treat, in the shape of a stick.
*Bites are square treats.
*Trainers are small, compact sized treats perfect for training your dog.
*Loves are square treats formulated to help your dog with an ailment they might have; skin and coat, joint, and stomach problems.