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400 Poor Souls Rescued In Adair County, KY


If you've been following our posts and emails, you'll know that just a few days ago, Guardians of Rescue, along with a few other organizations, led a mission to save 400+ dogs from a literal hell hole in Kentucky. (*Pitiful Paws, TBC Kennels, KY Hopeful Paws, Paws Angels.)

The site was horrifying, with the remains of deceased animals scattered all over the place. There were also litters of puppies, pregnant mommas, and dogs literally stuck in cages, living in filth. We've been told it was a whole assortment of breeds, from dachshunds, corgis, collies, labs, doodles, and more. Whatever was going on here was clearly an evil, evil puppy mill.

The good news is, all the dogs are now safe and sound, being cared for, and on to the next stage of their lives! *Some are now available for adoption at KY HOPEFUL PAWS!


It seems one of the main questions people keep asking is - how does this continue? But the reality is, it's not so simple. It actually takes a good amount of legal work, resources, and time to build a case, so a rescue can legally take the animals off the property. And even after the animals are saved, it's an ongoing (often criminal) investigation.

Which of course, leads us to Guardians of Rescue. They're truly the leaders in this country when it comes to taking down puppy mills. They've been leading the fight for a long time, and their support/popularity with the public is constantly growing.

We supply them with an enormous amount of supplies that they give out to the rescues on site. Along with donating tens of thousands of dollars to them over the years, and we will continue to do so!


How can you help? You can visit Guardians Facebook page, or any of the rescues listed above, and donate through their fundraisers! Or you can donate a rescue bundle, which consists of the requested supplies that we ship directly on site to the rescues and their facilities!

The fight to end puppy mills and hoarding is an ongoing one, but together, we can make a difference!


Doug from IRBWMD