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Canada Post Strike

As you're well aware, Canada Post had a strike and this has caused delays of packages all throughout your country. The good news is, IRBWMD doesn't use Canada post, we use our own version of the post office (USPS.)

We've spoken to our carriers and checked up, and even though there are massive delays, orders placed using USPS will be back on track and (fingers crossed) delivered in time for the holidays. 

We understand this is INCREDIBLY frustrating, but as you know, it's 100% out of our hands and we had no idea this was going to happen. We hear you're not even getting your regular mail either. Not fun.

Please keep in touch and we'll provide updates as much as we can. And if you know anything (we har it's on the news) please let us know as well.

- Doug, Oggy, and Trudy