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Dog Bed FAQ

*What is the difference between the solid foam and the crushed?

Solid foam is for dogs that have joint/muscle issues that need EXTRA support. This could be for senior dogs, larger breed dogs, or even dogs that just had surgery that need a very solid base when getting up. 

Crushed foam is a bit softer and ideal for younger, active dogs that need support and also comfort. Even though it is crushed foam, it will not sink and will still support your dog's weight!

*Can you wash the cover?


*You have a warranty?

We do! We offer a "10 Year Won't Flatten" warranty on our SOLID FOAM beds. We pride ourselves on the quality of the memory foam and that it will remain solid, comfy and durable! If it starts to lose it's quality over the years, we will replace the foam!

*Are the covers chew proof?

The covers are durable and will last, however, we can not 100% guarantee that they are chew proof. If your dog REALLY goes at it and REALLY wants to chew through, they will be able to. If this is a major concern for you, we do offer replacement covers.

*What are the washing instructions for the cover?

Machine wash cold, dry on low heat.

*Is the liner water resistant?


*How does the bed ship and arrive?

The bed ships roll compressed in a box with the liner over the foam, with plastic covering it. Once you remove it from the box, remove the plastic and allow the foam to expand for a minute or two! Place the bed in the cover facing down, and zip it up. That's it!

*Where is the zipper located and can my dog chew on it?

We designed the beds with a hidden zipper compartment. So once the cover is on, you can hide the zipper away! So no chewing!

*What materials are the bed made with?

The cover is made of polyester and cotton. The liner is made of nylon. And the foam is 100% USA memory foam.

*What is the weight limit of the solid foam?

Well over 400 lbs!

*Tell me more about the attachable pillow....

It is also made of crushed memory foam for comfy support. And just like the name says, it's attachable! You can just take it on and off! 

*Where are the beds made?

Atlanta, GA!