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Our Promise To You

Our dog beds are 100% made in the USA. Each bed is made with superior quality memory foam, comes with a washable and removable cover, and includes a water resistant liner. We know your dog will absolutely LOVE this bed!

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Solid Memory Foam

Solid memory foam beds are meant for senior dogs, large breed dogs, and dogs with joint and muscle pain. The solid memory foam bed gives them the extra support they need to have a good night's sleep while waking up feeling brand new!

Our solid foam beds come with a 10 year warranty. We guarantee it won’t lose quality or flatten out!

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Crushed Memory Foam

Crushed memory foam beds are for younger, active dogs that need excellent support and comfort for their muscles. With a crushed memory foam bed your pup will be waking every day ready for their next adventure!

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The Story Behind Our Awesome Dog Beds!

How It Started...

As my Trudy girl (pictured on the left) has started to get older, I’ve noticed that when she gets up from her bed...she’s in pain. 

The more research I did, the more I realized that she NEEDS a bed with enough support for her muscles and joints. Also, something that’s comfortable enough that she wants to rest her pretty behind on!

Hope your dogs enjoy it as much as our Trudy girl does!

Doug, Trudy, and Oggy

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Satisfied Customers!

  • “First things first, the packaging on this bed is impeccable! The moment I opened the bed, I could barely get the cover on and my dog was pushing me to the side to lay on the bed. I was finally able to get the entire cover on - my dog hasn’t left since!! I have a 160lbs Great Dane, and myself laying on the bed right now, and it’s completely holding its shape! I will be ordering him one for every room in my house.”

    - Luigi and Nicci

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  • "I received my beds this week and I'm very impressed. I've bought a lot of beds over the years, but none like these. These beds are high quality. You won't find anything like them in stores. The thick solid foam will serve my babies well for many years and support them as they age. The size is very appropriate for my Shepherds. They can stretch out and, wow, do they sleep!! When you factor in the quality, a 10-year warranty on the foam, a portion of the sales price goes to rescues and that Doug is such a wonderful guy, you find that these are well worth the price. As always, excellent quality and superior customer service from IRBWMD!"

    - FURIO & GWEN

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  • "We chose the Solid Memory Foam bed due to Dunkin having had back surgery for IVDD - we felt he needed the extra support. he loves it and it seems to give him the support he needs, yet is till comfy. I love the fact that the cover is removable and machine washable, but you don't have to wash the bed because the liner is water resistant - you can just wipe it down. Also, love the work Dough puts in for rescue dogs and that when you purchase from I'd Rather Be With My Dog, you're helping to save other dogs."


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  • I have waited for a dog bed that looks nice, has a washable cover & is comfortable for my dogs.I finally found the perfect dog bed. It came perfectly packed and easy to put to the cover on. It is a high quality dog bed my rescue dogs deserve with the style I deserve.Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, what can be better? Thanks Doug!I see another one in my dogs' future!"


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  • "Received our bed and our four Newfoundland's love it! Easy to put together, great quality, comfortable for 
    kids of all sizes!!!!"

    - THOR & TRACI

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  • "Meela Bear doesn't usaully go on beds unless she's going to sleep.But this bed is so nice I could sleep on 
    it myself.She weighs about 50 lbs and you can see the bed isn't budging and she is in heaven. She even got 
    a little slobber on the cover and I wiped it right off!"


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  • "Teddy, who hasn't always had such a great life, is now bedding down on the comfy crushed memory foam XL red dog bed.It is perfectly sized for a GSD we love that you can remove the cover and wash it.We are delighted with the quality and expect that Teddy will get years of enjoyment and have many peaceful dreams on it."


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See What Doug Has To Say!

Sizing Guide


*What is the difference between the solid foam and the crushed?

Solid foam is for dogs that have joint/muscle issues that need EXTRA support. This could be for senior dogs, larger breed dogs, or even dogs that just had surgery that need a very solid base when getting up. 

Crushed foam is a bit softer and ideal for younger, active dogs that need support and also comfort. Even though it is crushed foam, it will not sink and will still support your dog's weight!

*Can you wash the cover?


*You have a warranty?

We do! We offer a "10 Year Won't Flatten" warranty on our SOLID FOAM beds. We pride ourselves on the quality of the memory foam and that it will remain solid, comfy and durable! If it starts to lose it's quality over the years, we will replace the foam!

*Are the covers chew proof?

The covers are durable and will last, however, we can not 100% guarantee that they are chew proof. If your dog REALLY goes at it and REALLY wants to chew through, they will be able to. If this is a major concern for you, we do offer replacement covers.

*What are the washing instructions for the cover?

Machine wash cold, dry on low heat.

*Is the liner water resistant?


*How does the bed ship and arrive?

The bed ships roll compressed in a box with the liner over the foam, with plastic covering it. Once you remove it from the box, remove the plastic and allow the foam to expand for a minute or two! Place the bed in the cover facing down, and zip it up. That's it!

*Where is the zipper located and can my dog chew on it?

We designed the beds with a hidden zipper compartment. So once the cover is on, you can hide the zipper away! So no chewing!

*What materials are the bed made with?

The cover is made of polyester and cotton. The liner is made of nylon. And the foam is 100% USA memory foam.

*What is the weight limit of the solid foam?

Well over 400 lbs!

*Tell me more about the attachable pillow....

It is also made of crushed memory foam for comfy support. And just like the name says, it's attachable! You can just take it on and off! 

*Where are the beds made?

Atlanta, GA!