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Flood Relief Supplies (100% PROFIT DONATED)

$29.99 - $179.99

*A deadly flood flood/cyclone is ravaging Northern California as we speak. Tens of thousands are without power, and thousands of animals are in harms way. Many are being evacuated to safer shelters, and others are filled to the brim with drop offs. It's just a horrifying situation. 
*Supplies sent to Bradshaw Animal Shelter, Sacramento SPCA, Furry Friends Rescue, Solano Community Animal Rescue, Little Hill Sancutary, Hayward Animal Rescue, and so many more.  
*Why blankets? Great question! The poor rescue dogs deserve to snuggle, sleep, and relax in the BEST and COMFIEST conditions possible. By providing them with our insanely soft blankets, they get the best of the best. *Why crates, and kennels? The resources of these rescues get drained, and these items become essential to house and keep the dogs safe.