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Flood Relief Supplies

$29.99 - $179.99

*A deadly flood has hit Eastern KY & St. Louis MO - causing unspeakable damage to a few of the prominent rescues there. We're sad to say that 10 puppies died at Stray Paws in this freak act of mother nature, and their resources are completely gone. We are sending help ASAP. Belleville Area Humane, Need Paws, and GateWay Pet Guardians, Kentucky River Animal Shelter and Floyd County Animal Shelter are also in desperate need of supplies.  
*Why blankets? Great question! The poor rescue dogs deserve to snuggle, sleep, and relax in the BEST and COMFIEST conditions possible. By providing them with our insanely soft blankets, they get the best of the best. *Why treats, towels and toys? The resources of these rescues get drained, and things like treats, toys, etc are essential.