• Jordan & Blue

    Share Your Story....Jordan and Blue Sydney: Introduce yourself and your dog! Jordan: Jordan and my dog Blue. S: Give us a little history of your dog obsession, have you always been a DOP "dog obsessed person?" J: I've always had a love for dogs!! But Blue is my first dog I've owned!S: Does your dog have a compelling and beautif

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  • Luna the Wonder Dog

    Luna the Great Pyr (not to be confused with Odin, another amazing dog) was thought left for dead after the wild fires consumed her families property. However, Luna's "flock" was a bunch of pigs and goats, all of which were stuck inside a barn that was cut off from the families cars as they tried to escape, because the outside field was afla

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  • California Wild Fires

    It's hard to believe that we're going through this again.... Canine cancer is as important of a cause as any (and so dear to me) but we can't just sit aside and do nothing. We have customers and long time fans who's homes have been ruined, destroyed, and more. We've also found out that dogs that were displaced from Hurricane Harvey (and

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  • Hurricane Dog Relief

    In total, we've sent (and will be sending) over $4,000 worth of supplies to various rescues involved with the hurricane. We've also raised over $2,000 (separate from the supplies!) On Tuesday, my team and a few volunteers went to the Atlanta Humane Society to deliver supplies. The AHS took in dozens upon dozens of animals that were displace

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  • Atlanta Meet Up

    Why? It's a photo shoot! As you clearly know from our Instagram, we pretty much only post pictures of our customers wearing their IRBWMD gear! So we want to take this opportunity to invite all of our Atlanta peeps to come out with their dogs for a photo shoot. It's nothing fancy (unless you want it to be!) - just show up wearing your IRB

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  • Bring Your Dog To Work Day

    Friday is "Bring Your Dog To Work Day" and we got somethin' special planned for ya...if you can handle it! *Bring your dog to work on Friday (duh!) *If you can, wear your IRBWMD to work (or have an item like a mug, etc. available for the pic) *Take a pic of you and your pupper, with your IRBWMD gear - *Post the pic on IG or Facebook,

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  • Best APP EVER!

    *Note - my friends from pre school (yes pre school) came up with this incredible new app for dog owners. I don't want to spoil it, but I think you should read on and definitely download it for your phone! ENJOY! Doug: Introduce yourself, and have you always been a dog lover? Fetch My Pet: Hi IRBWMD! We're Greg, Adam and Steve - We've all

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  • Rescue Spot Light: HAPPE

    Sydney: Introduce yourself, the rescue, and how you got started with this? Kathy: My name is Kathy and I am a volunteer for a small rescue group called HAPPE.  HAPPE stands for Homeless Animal Placement Protection and Education. We are a small rescue group made up of nurses and teachers. I got started with this group when I fostered a dog

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  • An amazing story!

    Prepare yourself for an amazing story and tale of strength and courage! Doug: Introduce yourself and your dogs! Laura: Hiya! My name is Laura Beck and I am dog mom to two German Shepherds, Lady and Strider. They are my saving grace, all my laughs and all my smiles. None of us knew our lives would drastically change at the end of last yea

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  • National Pet Day

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