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Canine Cancer Month

Doug Ratner

Posted on October 02 2018

Bear with me, even writing this is difficult....

Out of all the causes/rescues that we raise money for, this one hits home the clostest for me. It's probably because I've lost 2 dogs to cancer, and have too many friends that have as well.

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing we can do, but organizations like the National Canine Cancer Foundation and the KetoPet Sanctuary give us hope. 

They're doing cutting edge research every day and providing us pet owners with information that could maybe extend the lives of our best friends.

The reality is, if I go on too long I'll just break down, so I have to cut it short!

Thank you all SO much for your support this month, it's a true honor to support such an amazing cause. And let's remember -

Stewey, Sophie, Teddy, Toby, Lukiss, and so many more dogs we've all lost to the worst disease ever.

Doug, Oggy, and Trudy.