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Alternatives to Rawhide

Sydney Pendleton

Posted on June 14 2018

A lot of us have heard, seen, or unfortunately experienced the dangers of rawhide. Cheap forms of rawhide are made unnaturally, put together with glue and some have even been found with traces of formaldehyde.

However, what we don't know and where education is lacking is - what's the safe route? What's affordable AND friendly for pets?

  • Bully Sticks - You can generally find these at any pet store, and they are all natural. They have the same smell, toughness, and appeal that a rawhide would give off to your dog. Bully sticks also take quite a while to chew through! To make the most bang for your buck, most people advise buying them in bulk. 
  • Carrots - Low calorie, natural, and HEALTHY! This is huge for busy chewers that are also looking to cut down on their protein or caloric intake. Source: Click Here
  • Raw, Frozen Poultry Pieces - ***if you are interested in a partial or whole raw diet*** - These are crunchy, and they can help benefit a dogs diet! 
  • Antlers - Antlers are also a great alternative to rawhide, but should be closely monitored in case of parts of the antler start breaking down.
  • Frozen Washcloths - This can be especially helpful for teething puppies.
  • A tiring, long walk - beneficial to both of you! 

All of the above should be done with supervision.

As always, if you have any questions, please consult a vet.


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