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Doug Ratner

Posted on May 12 2018

Meet Syrup!

"Hi, my name is Syrup! I know sometimes I bark at you through the window BUT it's because I'm a little insecure. Take your time with me and I will show you how open, sweet, loyal and adventurous I can be. I also do these amazing spins that are to die for!  I have a little face with big, brown puppy eyes. They're hard to resist! That being said, I get along well with other small dogs, so I wouldn't mind having canine siblings. My friends here at Adopt & Shop say I'm a great walker on leash and love to play with toys. I love to cuddle but I'm also still up for a good, long hike! I'm truly a unique dog looking for my special somebody. Could that be you?"

More info: 6 years old

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