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Customer Feature: Nikki and Her Crew!

Sydney Pendleton

Posted on May 25 2018

Sydney: Introduce yourself and your dog(s).

Nikki: My name is Nikki and I have 4 dogs - Great Dane puppy 6 months, named Harry Lebowski Gardepe- English Bulldog puppy 8 months, Named Leroy Jethro Gibbs - Bassett Hound 10 years old - named Gus - and last but not least, a Chihuahua 9 years old, named Daisy Mae Gardepe Demon Seed Macaroni Karina Jr. Fraggle Rock Crazy B Gloria Gloria Edith Mosie.... Yes, her name keeps growing, when she barks I yell and partly sing the entire name.

S: Give us a little history of your dog obsession, have you always been a DOP "dog obsessed person?"

N: My baby is the Great Dane and he is the third I have had as a companion. Tinker Belle passed when she was 12, Frankie passed in November from an Addison's Disease Crises. He wasn't even 2 years old. It destroyed me, he was my best-friend. He got me through a devastating year of my life and will always have my heart. Harry is my clearance puppy, he is healing my heart from losing my Frankie. He has proven to be his own puppy, not to live in anyone's shadow. My heart is full, he is the sweetest loving baby, not the brightest but the best.

S: Does your dog have a compelling and beautiful rescue story? Share it with us!

N: Harry was not a rescue, I got him when he was 3 months old and he was only $300.00. I was so shocked and snatched him up the very next day after I found him online.

S: Tell us 3 unique things about your boo boo.

N: Harry's best-friend is an English Bulldog. Our Chihuahua is his boss, and he can't catch a ball to save his life.

S: What are the 3 goofiest things he/she does?

N: He looks like a baby giraffe playing when he runs... not very coordinated. He sleeps with his body on the couch and head hanging off the side (when he isn't in the bed with me of course). He made a hole in his doggy mattress (queen size mattress) and crawls inside thinking no one sees him, however his entire backside is hanging out..

S: How did you hear about IRBWMD? What's your favorite product we have and why?

N: I found you all on Instagram. My favorite product thus far is my sweatshirt I bought, and now I am addicted.

S: If your dog had a real human voice, what would it sound like?

N: Scooby Doo


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