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Dog Mom Feature: Alyssa

Doug Ratner

Posted on May 23 2018

So you probably see this tank top pic ALL OVER our site/Instagram, and think -

"Who is this?"

The dogs are Tini and Blu (@tiniandblu) on IG, and their mom is Alyssa (@livingwithlysss)

We actually can't take ANY credit for these amazing pics. She does it all on her own (that actually goes with all the pics on our page,they're all customer taken.)

So here's a little bit more about Alyssa (and her dogs.)

*She's quite the fashionista and life style blogger!

 *She's got her own Shopstyle page! 

*Tini and Blu are 4 years old, and freaken adorable! Check em out here!

Here's the most recent pic Alyssa took in her "dog mom" top...killin it as usual! 

Wanna be featured? Just email SYDNEY@IDRATHERBEWITHMYDOG.NET for more info!


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