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Featured Customer: Nick, Elizabeth, Tank and Zeus

Sydney Pendleton

Posted on June 12 2018

1. What’s your name and your dog’s name?
Nick and Elizabeth Daily
Tank and Zeus
2. Does your dog have a special story? Is he/she a rescue?
Tank has been with us since he was a pup, but Zeus was adopted on July 4th, 2017, when he was already 6 years old (Tank had just turned 2)! His mom and dad had a hooman baby, and couldn't care for him anymore. When he arrived he was sweet and cuddly, but reserved and unfamiliar with all things puppy. After some get-to-know-you growing pains, Tank taught him all about toys, play fighting, long walks, demolishing a bully stick, and avoiding dog dinner to beg at our feet for real food :). Watching the two become brothers has been so amazing, proving you're never too old to be young! 
3. Tell us 3 unique things about your dog.
1. Tank is obsessed with being under the couch or bed - and likes to stockpile toys under both.
2. Zeus is tiny but fiercely loyal - he will always jump in to defend his brother or parents, even though the 'threat' is never as big as he thinks
3. We are ~15 lbs combined...but on walks we think we're a little gang - happy to bark together at ducks, people, and very big dogs
4. How did you hear about IRBWMD?
INSTAGRAM - Searching for amazing dog brands for @tank_and_zeus
5. If your dog had a voice, what would it be?
Tank - Kimmy from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Zeus - Barb from Stranger Things

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