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Featured Customer: Sharon, Hawkeye and Haven

Sydney Pendleton

Posted on June 07 2018

Sydney: What’s your name and your dog’s name?
Sharon:  My name is Sharon and my dog's names are Haven and Hawkeye.
Sydney: Does your dog have a special story? Is he/she a rescue?
Sharon: Neither dogs are rescues. But Haven is very special because she is my service dog for mobility and chronic illness. I got her as a puppy and trained her from day one, and our bond is something else. She has been the most beautiful blessing and is the happiest dog you will ever meet. Hawkeye, my fiance and I got together, he flew all the way from Louisiana to New Jersey to be with us, and has brought us closer together, and made our little family complete!
Sydney: Tell us 3 unique things about your dog.
Sharon: 1. She knows the trick "get your brother," if he is doing something he shouldn't.
2. She loves the beach and the snow, and on either sand or snow she will dive and roll like a penguin!
3. If we are ever separated(since we aren't supposed to be), she mopes. She will not move from in front of the door until I get back.
Three unique things about Hawkeye:

1. His favorite thing to do is sleep.
2. He also loves poking things, we call him a bull shark because he pokes or bumps everything with his nose to check it out.
3. He also knows some tasks that service dog Haven does, so he helps out around the house!
Sydney: How did you hear about IRBWMD?
Sharon: We heard about IRBWMD through Instagram, and were obsessed the minute we saw your products and mission!
Sydney: If your dogs had a voice, what would it be?
Sharon: If Haven had a voice, it would be Joan of Arc
If Hawkeye had a voice, it would be Sean Connery 


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