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Alice the Hero

Doug Ratner

Posted on July 08 2018

Lately all we've been hearing about is dogs saving their owners from snakes! I mean, what on earth did we do to deserve dogs? Not only are they our best friends in the entire world, but they can truly truly save our lives!

Meet Alice, she's a senior beagle from Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue (our rescue of the month.) She barked/alerted Jackie (who owns the rescue) that a copperhead snake was approaching her kennel.

Her barking got Jackie's attention quick enough that she was able to run outside, ward the snake off, saving both Alice and the other dogs outside.

Alice is truly a hero (and so is Jackie!) Did you hear about Todd, the other hero dog who saved his momma from a rattlesnake? Amazing right!

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  • alice baer: July 09, 2018

    its all In the name…God bless this beautiful baby… #love

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