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Jordan & Blue


Posted on November 14 2017

Share Your Story....Jordan and Blue Sydney: Introduce yourself and your dog! Jordan: Jordan and my dog Blue. S: Give us a little history of your dog obsession, have you always been a DOP "dog obsessed person?" J: I've always had a love for dogs!! But Blue is my first dog I've owned!S: Does your dog have a compelling and beautiful rescue story? Share it with us! J: During my last few weeks of college, I had been looking around and searching for a dog. I happened to come across my dog from someone online near my school, I picked her up at 7 weeks old and have been lucky ever since! S: Tell us 3 unique things about your boo boo. J: Smart, loving, heart shape on her chest. S: What are the 3 goofiest things he/she does? J: Snorts, chases her tail, hides her bones under my pillows S: How did you hear about IRBWMD? What’s your favorite product and why? J: On Facebook. Bandanas, I have many for my dog and I think they are perfect! S: If your dog had a real human voice, what would it sound like? J: Yoda from Star Wars  


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