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Luna the Wonder Dog


Posted on October 23 2017

Luna the Great Pyr (not to be confused with Odin, another amazing dog) was thought left for dead after the wild fires consumed her families property. However, Luna's "flock" was a bunch of pigs and goats, all of which were stuck inside a barn that was cut off from the families cars as they tried to escape, because the outside field was aflame. As her humans waited off in the distance, helpless, they could see Luna standing like a statue, guarding the entrance to the barn, cutting off her flock from running out to the field in a panic. She knew exactly the danger that awaited outside, and she wasn't going to let the animals run to their deaths. Miraculously, the next morning, Luna was alive and well, along with the rest of the animals that she was protecting. Dogs just never cease to amaze us! What a beautiful story.


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