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40 Dogs Trapped in south Georgia

Doug Ratner

Posted on July 07 2019

Just a few days ago, Guardians of Rescue responded to an extreme situation in south Georgia. 40+ dogs were found in a house, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees. They had no water, food, and no AC...
At the moment, GOR can't release all of the details as it's an ongoing investigation. But what we do know is that all the dogs have been saved, the rescue staff is working around the clock to feed them and take care of their medical needs.
This is taken directly from their Facebook page -
"Our dedicated Guardian's supporters, are to thank for the positive changes happening in the lives of the dogs on this south Georgia property. While GOR is working hard to network these dogs with rescue partners for removal from the property, our team on the ground is busy with behavioral assessments, trust building activities, and environmental improvements to make life more comfortable for these dogs in need. Part of working a case with many animals, coming from compromised conditions, is assessing their personalities, and needs, so we can ensure appropriate rescue placement. We thought we would share some photos of our team members and local rescue volunteers, over the past few days, as they work to earn the trust of these dogs, evaluate their needs, and improve their lives. These changes are possible thanks to our dedicated GOR supporters."
You may remember Guardians of Rescue from the German Shepherd case past January. They were one of the first rescues to respond to the situation and help coordinate all of the rescues coming together. We got to visit their facility a few months ago and I can vouch for them, they're AMAZING.
*They've also asked for any volunteer vets who are in the south Georgia area. You can reach out to them via their Facebook page!
We're sending out all the supplies on Monday if you'd like to help out below. As well as making our next monetary donation. We can't thank you enough for supporting IRBWMD and helping us help them! Stay tuned as we learn more!

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  • Sherri strange: July 24, 2020

    IOU guys are are the best and we hope you stay that that way! We appreciate all the great thing you do and pray you continue to keep up The good work. God bless you!!!!!!

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