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Fawn behind the scenes

Doug Ratner

Posted on June 07 2019

What a sweet baby, right?
The good news is, it's only love here on out for her and the rest of the dogs. We also saw that she is snuggling up on her IRBWMD bed and blanket. It's making her feel calm and relaxed, which is what she needs to get her to the next step.
AND - thanks to your help, we have provided so many blankets and various supplies through the rescues bundles, that almost all the adoptable dogs at Paws Humane will have the COMFIEST BLANKETS ever to snuggle up in. So thank you so much!


  • Michelle Steil : March 27, 2020

    I wish I could pay for all their needs & take them all in. I love animals so much. They deserve only kindness, love & care. No excuse to treat them badly, neglect or abuse them. They don’t deserve to suffer in any manner, whether it’s from people or disasters. I hope all who can help financially or by adopting, etc, do so.

  • Tammy Augspurger: June 08, 2019

    Thank you from all animal lovers for what all of you have done for these babies. Breaks my heart to see dogs that were treated so badly unable to trust a loving human. Keep up the good work. I will donate as $ permit! 💚💙

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