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Marley Update

Doug Ratner

Posted on July 22 2018

Back in January/February, we helped out a very special dog named Marley. 

The poor dog was chained to a post in a garage, practically left to starve to death, and was just skin and bones when Tiny N' Tall Rescue found him.

Thanks to our support (really your support) and the amazing work of the rescue, Marley was rehabilitated back to full health, and is now living his best life. 

According to his new mom -

"At first, he didn't know his name. He had no manners and tried to eat everything in sight! Now he waits his turn with his new siblings, and greets people without being nervous or aggressive. He's a big goofy boy!"

This is what IRBWMD is truly about! We can't thank you enough for being loyal customers and helping us do what we do! 



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