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Food for the Georgia German Shepherds

Doug Ratner

Posted on February 24 2019

You wouldn't think of a dog needing coaxing to eat 2 meals a day, right? Unfortunately, so many of the GSDs that Dacula Canine Pet Rescue took in are having trouble getting used to this. The idea of consistently receiving food, treats, and love is taking time. You have to realize that some of the dogs were fighting over their meals, and it didn't always end well.

The reality is, there's still over 70 GSDs from the hoarding bust that still need so much attention. The Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue and the Dacula Canine Pet Rescue are two we need to shout out...the load/burden placed on them is incredible.

They have to provide both the physical/medical needs to these dogs, but also help them with their emotinal trauma. And coming from the conditions they were in just a month ago, you can imagine how intense that is.

BUT - just so you know your rescue bundles and support are being put to good use, check out this post from the Canine Pet Rescue a few weeks ago!

Thank you for the continued support while we help these dogs out!


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