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How do I not cry?

Doug Ratner

Posted on June 18 2019

How do I not cry when I meet these dogs?


Honestly, I have no idea!

The reality is, I am the BIGGEST softy when it comes to anything dog related. The minute I read a post about an abused dog, or hear that one of our customer's dogs has passed, I lose it within SECONDS.

When I found out one of my best friend's family dogs passed away from cancer, I couldn't function properly for the entire day I was so distraught (RIP BUSTER, I MISS YOU EVERY DAY.)


So how am I able to be around so many dogs who have endured such pain and keep it together? Maybe it's because I know I have a job to do.

The minute I arrive at a rescue, I know that I'm representing IRBWMD and have a responsibility to our customers to tell the story while keeping it together.


I will be honest, there was a moment yesterday when I was at Char-Wills GSD Rescue that I briefly lost it. I think it was after Peter and I finished up that I had a brief thought of what his life was like just weeks ago before being saved.

But then I quickly snapped out of it! I couldn't be tearing up while making videos for all of you!


ANYWAY, before I actually start crying....thank you all so so much for following the story of all these dogs. The journey isn't over and some have a long road ahead of them. Thanks for your support, and you should feel proud when you're wearing your IRBWMD gear!

Doug, Oggy, and Trudy!

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  • Debra Patterson: June 20, 2019

    I completely GET IT! I think anyone who has loved a GSD gets it. Until you have one, you don’t realize what true angels they are. There is something about a dog’s soul. Something so perfect you can’t help but be drawn to them. And German Shepherds…they’re the Archangels of dog breeds. (Thanks, Doug…now I have to go reapply my eyeliner ;) ) But, thank you for ALL you do to restore their trust in humans and to make their futures filled with love and full bellies and warm beds and cool tile floors. You’re my hero, Doug!

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