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Another German Shepherd Case

Doug Ratner

Posted on June 12 2019

40 German Shepherds Found in TN Home.

What I know so far...
Last week, Memphis Animal Services (MAS) saved 40 German Shepherds/Shepherd mixes from a home in TN.
The dogs were living in frightening conditions, covered in feces, with no AC, and worse.
One poor dog even chewed off his own tail due to what's called "kennel stress." It hurt my heart to write that last statement....
What now?
The dogs have all been sent to various rescues throughout TN, which means they're on the way to getting the help they need.
As you can imagine, this places an enormous stress on all the rescues that took the dogs in. As they already have their own dogs in their care!
Help out!
Many of the rescues have asked for supplies - from treats, beds, toys, etc. In addition to volunteers and donations!
You can purchase emergency rescue supplies from the link below, and of course a portion of whatever clothes you buy will help out these dogs as well!
Stay tuned as we learn more information, and head to TN next week to help out!
List of Rescues -
Memphis Animal Services, Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue, Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue, Woof River Animal Rescue, Alive Rescue Memphis, Mutt Mafia.


  • Kelly Boyd: June 10, 2021

    We are blessed to have folks like you that are able to help these poor fur babies. We will keep supporting you guys!!!!!

  • William Smith: August 07, 2020

    Hi. So amazing to see the successful rescues written about by your program. It is my pleasure to be able to help shepherds like Lucy and the ones rescued from Tennessee. Keep up the amazing work!! I’m on board to be a lifelong supporter!! God bless you all!!! Be safe and save lives!!!


  • Heather Kelley: September 11, 2019

    Hi- I was hoping to get some information about how to adopt/rescue one of these dogs. Reading this broke my heart and my husband and I immediately had the same idea- to welcome one of these pups into our home and show them how to be loved again.
    We have a yellow lab, 7 years old, who absolutely loves other dogs and would be a great friend/brother to one of these dogs.
    Could you please connect me with someone who could provide me with more information.
    Thank you and bless your heart for all that you are doing!

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