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700 dogs found in horrific conditions on Georgia property

Doug Ratner

Posted on March 05 2019

*Correction - the number is now reported 630.

The Atlanta Humane Society along with a few other rescues in Georgia busted a puppy mill/hoarding facility over the weekend.

630 small breed dogs were found in unspeakable conditions. Covered in feces, emaciated, and completely frightened/confused.

They had been living in tiny crates their whole lives, stacked on top of one and other...

The good news is, they're safe and sound, being sent to various rescues in GA including the Atlanta Humane Society to receive the medical attention and love they deserve.

We've already made two donations, and will be delivering rescue bundles this week. Stay tuned as we provide more updates while we're down there. And remember, your purchase literally saves lives!

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  • Marie Gonci: March 07, 2019

    Wonderful work you and all the compassionate pet rescue workers who are helping these poor innocent loving babies. They should put the disgraceful holders in the cages and lock them up for life. Thanks again and I wish I could do more 💝💝

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