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Leialoha the Rescue Dog

Doug Ratner

Posted on July 19 2019

Just last week, a sweet pit bull was discovered buried alive in the beaches of Hawaii. She had burns all over her body, bleeding from sores, and virtually left for dead. But thanks to the miracle staff at PAWS of Hawaii, she was discovered and rushed to the vet. She's making a miraculous recovery and the credit all goes to the rescue and her foster family!
As many of us know, it's not just physical trauma that takes a toll on a dog, but mental as well. Fortunately, dogs are incredibly responsive to constant love and affection, and with patience they can come around!
Paws of Hawaii has said she's starting to give kisses, and is learning that not all humans are bad.
*The police are still searching for the monster that did this to her.
We're sending Leiloha goody packages, because we think she should be so spoiled that she never wants for anything ever again! Plus, the rescue will be able to make use of what we send, so it's a win win!
Thank you for following her journey!


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